Where did we come from?

A long history in Visalia

In 1857 a group of believers began worshiping in an Oak grove in Visalia Ca. They would eventually build the second church building in the area and become The First Christian Church of Visalia (FCC Visalia.) They came from a movement called "The Christian Restoration Movement" or the "Stone-Campbell Movement."

What is the Christian Restoration movement?

This movement emerged in a time when churches were deeply divided by denominations. Methodists, Baptists, Anglicans, etc. would not worship together and this became a very serious concern when small towns could not support all the denominations desired by their citizens. Two separate leaders began a "back to basics" movement, and then the two movements merged. The desire was to put aside denominational division and pursue the kind of church structure and beliefs of the early church as recorded in Acts. Essentials were to be focused on, and soon former members of different denominations worshiped along side new believers. The movement that began as a move away from denominations, did eventually splinter and FCC Visalia was for a time, but is no longer, a member of "The Disciples of Christ" denomination.

Growth and Independence

First Christian Church Visalia grew, changed, and moved locations over the years. In 2000 FCC Moved into it's current building on Chinowth. Afterword's, growing differences with The Disciples, of Christ denomination, in terms of belief and practice, caused FCC to leave the denomination. FCC became independent, and self governing. FCC associated with other church's who had done the same, for the purpose of continued pastoral care and training for pastoral staff and elders. The association with Disciple Heritage Fellowship is a purely voluntary.

in 2016, FCC pivoted to become a more outward focused body adopting an "Organic Outreach" model.

in 2018 FCC called pastor Sam Sears, who had a background in the Calvary Chapel movement, and an M.A. in Apologetics, to teach in an expositional style and continue to lead in reaching an increasingly non Christian community.

in 2019 FCC choose to adopt a new name, The Fountain. This new name differentiates us from the past, and reflects a renewed desire to bring the living water of Jesus into our community.

The Fountain continues to be an independent body and continues to reorient itself around the teachings of Jesus and the life of the early church.

What does that mean for you?

We have a long and wonderful heritage here at the Fountain, and we have been revived in our mission and survived Covid and the associated lockdowns. Now is a great time, to join us on our mission, as we serve our King, the King of Kings.