Awana Registration Packet

Due to age ranges and health questions, each child registered will need their own form.

Registration Packet for AWANA

We are excited to once again offer AWANA. As we return from to normal from lockdown, we ask that you please complete both forms (AWANA Registration form below and the AWANA Clubber Order form) for each child you are register and bring payment due (cash or check payable to The Fountain) to the Fall Kick-Off. There is no registration fee – parents only need purchase needed handbooks and/or uniforms. We want all children to be able to attend, so please indicate on the AWANA Clubber Order form if you need to request delayed payment, a scholarship for the handbook, or a used uniform. If you have any questions regarding this registration process, please call the church office at 732-6623.

Some things to keep in mind when registering:

·       If your child is new to AWANA or will be advancing into the next club (i.e. Cubbies to Sparks, Sparks to T&T Ultimate Adventure, or T&T Ultimate Adventure 3rd/4th to T&T Ultimate Challenge 5th/6th), you will need to purchase a handbook and uniform. Please note: Your child will receive an entrance booklet that must be completed before they are eligible to wear their new uniform and begin work in their new handbook. The uniform and handbook will be held and presented to your child during Awards Time on the same night he or she completes the entrance booklet.

·       If your child will be in their second or third year of Sparks, second year of T&T Ultimate Adventure (4th grade), or first or second year of T&T Ultimate Challenge (5th/6th grade) but did not complete their handbook last year, you do not need to purchase another book at this time. They will continue in their current handbook until it's complete, at which time you will need to purchase the next handbook.

·       Since children may remain in one group for multiple years, please be sure to take your child's current size and anticipated growth into consideration when selecting uniform size.

·       We strongly encourage you to provide a book bag (or backpack) and Bible for your child's use in AWANA. Bibles will be used every club night. We use the New International Version (NIV), 1984 edition, because it correlates with the handbooks we use; however, there are many other translations of the Bible and your child is free to use whichever you prefer. A special book bag or backpack will help your child keep their AWANA materials together and provides a secure way for us to send flyers or special treats home.

AWANA resumes 9/8/2021