Becoming the Fountain

-Sam B. Sears

By now, you have probably heard the news! At our annual congregational meeting, the church voted to adopt a “Doing business as” style name change to “The Fountain.” This conclusion was reached after much prayer and discussion. I am excited for what this means as we go forward; but you may ask, ”What is happening next?”

We will still teach straight from the Bible. The verses used will be in context, as we try to understand what was meant to be conveyed by the original authors (humans and God in harmony together) and apply it to our lives. We will still outreach organically to the lost. We will still play the same music (while maybe using songs that feature the line “Come to the fountain” a bit more), and still share communion every Sunday. So what will change?

I have already changed our Facebook page, and you will notice additional changes along those lines: a new name on the bulletin, a new logo and an updating of the words on the website (but the address will stay the same). I’ll also start saying “Welcome to the Fountain” when I do announcements. We had already planned to work on signage, but now as we do so, we can work on external signage that says, “The Fountain.”  

And there is something that you can start doing, as well: If you know someone who is not going to a church, you can invite them by saying, “Come to the Fountain.”

As a reminder, we did this to remove being identified with our former denomination, which has strayed far from our values and Biblical essentials. Young people google. It may not be what all of us do to find information on a church, but we don’t want to have an additional barrier to reaching the lost. We want to be transparent with them about who we are, not confuse them. Currently, if you google “First Christian Church” you are very likely to find information about Disciples of Christ, and not about us.

If you have questions about the change and weren’t able to be at the meeting where it was discussed in greater depth, please feel free to give me a call or e-mail me! - Sam

Originally printed in the February 2019 FCC Newsletter