How to GO for GOspel ONLINE

As Christians in a digital world, we need to remember that our online posts are out there forever.

              Last month I shared with you that to “Go” (Matthew 28:19-20) to make disciples in today’s world meant going online. That is a call for us as a body, and certainly we have on online presence as a body, but maybe you are wondering how you as an individual can share the Gospel online?

           As Christians in a digital world, we need to remember that our online posts are out there forever. When you post something that’s public, even if it’s deleted, it’s very easy to take a screen shot of it. Greg Koukl, author of Tactics, is fond of discussing the “ambassador model” for sharing the Christian life. We must carry this idea with us online. The world will notice if your social media seem to carry messages that both glorify God and glorify the world at the same time.

           While it’s tempting to think that simply sharing a Scripture verse will cause others to read it and be blessed by it, the non-church-goer will probably pay more attention to how we interact with others and how our more general posts are geared. This means we must be Christ-like, even to our enemies or those people who seem to only reply or post to rile us up — commonly called “trolls.”  We know that this is the case for our daily life, but sometimes in the less personal online world, we forget that there are real people behind the usernames we see, and we must remember that they are watching and that we are “living Epistles” (2 Corinthians 3:2) that they are reading at all times.

           The easiest way to support growing God’s kingdom online is to show support for those who are already doing His work. For instance, our page and its posts, but not just ours, give reputable ministries like Dr. Heiser, or Stand To Reason, Maven, or others a “like” or “follow.” Let’s start with what you can do to help the church page, and then you can apply these same steps to other ministries that bless you.

           If you are on Facebook, leave a recommendation for our page, “like” our posts, and share some of our content. That will help the word get out. We are also on Instagram, and while you can’t share as easily, every “heart” matters. If you are on YouTube, subscribe, turn on notifications, and “like” our videos, even if you have already watched them when they streamed on Facebook or in person. Every interaction helps get the word out there. 

           If you enjoy our church, one of the best ways to help it reach new people is to google our church and leave a short, 5-star google review. This helps new families in the area see a church when they are seeking a new place to worship.  

           You can repeat these steps for other ministries you like, and if you have a Christian author you love; I can’t stress how important Amazon reviews are. Many automatically search out and give negative reviews for books that promote Christianity, so your help is needed to support truth.

           On an individual level, short mini-testimonies can have an amazing impact over time. Simply incorporating a thankfulness to God for the blessings in your life into your ordinary posts can provide a hook for others to see that you are Christian and to think about the source of their blessings.  A short shout-out about your daily reading or a beneficial Christian song can go a long way when united with consistently Christ-like behavior over time.

           Times are changing, I hope you will join me in meeting people where they are by living the Christian life, both online and off.