Kids' Ministry

Explore the ministry opportunities for your children at The Fountain.

Sunday Mornings

We want children at the Fountain to have a blast AND fall in love with Jesus so we make both a priority. 

During our Sunday service we offer an optional Kids class for ages 4 years - 12 years. We hope to reopen the nursery for 1-3 years old soon. In the meantime we provide a cry room, and want to assure that crying doesn't bother our worship team or speakers. All kids are welcome to stay in the sanctuary or learn a lesson with the friends that is more aimed to their level and features games and crafts.

Our check-in system is set up to make it easy and provide safety for your children. For first-time visitors, you can sign up as a guest or register your child(ren) at our computer kiosk. You will receive a printed tag for your child(ren) as well as a security tag you will need to pick them up. Then take them to their classrooms. Don't know where to go? We have volunteers who are there just to show you the way. Once a family is in our computer, you can download the Church Center app and check your kids in before you even arrive. When you arrive, scan your QR code and grab your printed tags. It's that easy. 

We use the Gospel Project and Super Book in our Sunday Class in rotation, either way your child we learn bible basics in a fun way.

 We look forward to seeing your kids and getting to know how we can connect with you as the parents as well. 

Wednesday Family Nights

On Wednesdays, our kids begin in the sanctuary with a special time of music aimed at our kids including guided motions to help them remember the lyrics of the songs. Afterword's kids 4-8 enjoy the Gospel Project and kids 9-12 enjoy Foundation Worldview a curriculum designed to teach basic logic skills and biblical thinking so our students can be better prepared to spot errors in good thinking when they encounter them in their daily lives, at school, on Tv or the internet.

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If you have further questions concerning our Kids experience or visiting the Fountain with children, simply click the button below to get in touch with us!