Vision Mission and Values

Where are we going, how do we get there, and what will we keep in mind on our journey?

Our Vision

(Where we want to go)

We desire to be source of Living Water in Visalia and beyond.

Our Mission

(How we plan on getting there) 

Engage Equip Empower


We will be Engaging individuals and the culture around us, Equipping believers with knowledge and skills, and Empowering them to serve others with their own gifts, glorifying God as they do so. 

Our Core Values

(As we are about our mission, these are key things we value and want to pursue)

1. We value depth In Love.

                We want to truly love those in our community, regardless of how similar or different they are from us.

2. We value depth in Truth.

               We want sermons and Bible studies that go beneath the surface and take us deeply into the word of God.

3. We value depth in Life.

               We want to live in community together; supporting, encouraging and serving one another.

4. We value our Heritage

               We honor and learn from those who came before.  


5. We value Adaptation  

               Our core values and essential beliefs are unchanging; however, we know we must change how we communicate those truths in a changing culture to reach those beyond our walls.   

6. We value focusing on the Essentials

“In the essentials, unity; in the non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity.” While uniting on the essentials, we recognize that we can agree to disagree on non-essentials while we continue to pursue truth together.